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Do two cats get along in the same house?
This question is, in fact, difficult. After all, everything depends, first of all, on the specific circumstances. Suppose a family has an adult cat. And this family wants to have…

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Sphynx cat: care and features of the breed
Among the lovers of the unique, unique and exotic there are those who love sphinx cats. What is surprising about this breed? Lack of wool. To us this wonder brought…

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What you need to know before you buy a kitten
The purring pet in the house is able to give a lot of positive emotions. He will see you off in the morning and meet you after work, laugh and…


Aquarium for beginners. How to choose an aquarium for home
Aquarium is beautiful. But in order to admire the underwater world in your apartment, it is not enough just to go to the store and select the first tank you…

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10 most intelligent animals of the planet

We all know that not only man is a rational being in this world. On earth there is a mass of animals that are not lagging behind people in mental development and ingenuity, and in some cases even surpass us. Consider the ten most intelligent animals in the world:
1. Monkey.
Primates, of course, occupy the first line of this hit parade. In particular, chimpanzees and also dwarf chimpanzees (bonobos). In chimpanzees and bonobos the brain volume is 300-400 cubic centimeters – the absolute value of this indicator is quite large, the relative (relative to body weight) – too. Continue reading

Arctic Wolf: habits of animals and where they live

Despite the fact that the wolf adapted itself to “excellent” to the extremely difficult living conditions in the Arctic, most of the time the pack remains hungry, and therefore even a person when meeting with the family of polar predators almost never succeeds. Animal life in the Arctic Circle is very small, because vegetation is very scarce in these lands, where summer in our understanding never happens, and winter lasts nine or even ten months, and moreover, half a year is still in complete darkness when the sun disappears. What species of animals will survive in this climate and will be able to feed the wolf pack? If you manage to beat off the reindeer, the wolves eat it entirely – with the skin and bones, even a trace is not left. In such cases, an ordinary polar wolf, weighing from sixty kilograms and growing from eighty centimeters at the withers, can devour ten kilograms of meat and bones – for the future, the next meal may not happen a week or two. Continue reading


Barely born, the hares, hastily licked by her mother, hurry quickly to her nipples. Having been fed and rested, they soon scatter to the sides and then two, three, even four days sitting in the grass, not moving from their seats. These days they do not eat, because after the first feeding, they still have an adequate supply of fatty, thick, mother’s milk, which is six times fatter than cow’s. As long as the hares are still and do not move, even their mother will not find them. But why? – the reader will ask. Continue reading

Maned wolf – rare animal

A wolf with a mane that adorns its neck and shoulders and resembles not so much the mane of a lion as much as a horse is a real decoration of the animal world. This predator lives in South America – for the most part in the savannas, but it is also found in the pampas, in the high grass of the marshes, which are many in the territories of Northern Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil. This wild animal is very similar to a huge fox: it has a bright red hair, the same sly elongated muzzle, high ears. The wolf is light, lean: about one and a half meters long, as tall as a small dog – seventy, seventy-five centimeters at the withers, and weighs not so much as wolves of the northern hemisphere – only about twenty kilograms.
His legs are excellent, extremely long, which helps this rare animal to look out for prey, hiding in the grass of the swamp or savanna, and it is always very high there. Only here such “photo-model” legs do not help him to run fast and long. Continue reading

10 interesting facts about squirrels.

Squirrels are small, intelligent rodents. They are thrifty, agile and curious, known to both adults and children. Here are some interesting facts about them:
1. Proteins are easily tamed and get used to the person. Despite this, they breed in captivity with difficulty. In the wild, the female brings 3-10 squirrels twice a year. Continue reading

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