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Nomadic wolverine
Wolverine, of course, is larger than sable. She weighs ten pounds, sometimes even fifteen or eighteen, and the length of her body is almost a meter. But what is this…

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Yorkshire Terrier and his education
Yorkshire Terrier is a cute decorative dog. But such a reputation misleads many owners, and they believe that this dog is not needed to be raised and trained. This is…

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What is the advantage of small dogs
People who decide to have a four-friend, often leaning toward small decorative dogs. Yes, this is understandable, because to keep a large dog in the conditions of a city apartment,…


From antiquity to today. The history of dogs.
“There are no comrades to the taste and color” reads a well-known statement, and in relation to the choice of a pet, it is also relevant. Someone will choose a…

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An interesting animal – coyote!

The coyote is called the meadow wolf because it is very reluctant to dwell in the forests. The Latin name of the animal is Canis latrans, which translates as a barking dog. And it was called the Aztec Indians as a coyote. The common wolf is much more massive than its little fellow. Coyote is not more than half a meter and rarely its weight exceeds twenty kilograms. There is no comparison with the gray European or Siberian wolf, which is at least three times harder and twice as tall. The description of animals on this difference does not stop. The coyote’s ears are also upright, and the tail is just as fluffy and long, but he doesn’t like forests and mountains like his larger brethren. Continue reading

Jackal family

Perhaps the most distant ancestors of modern wolves were jackals in prehistoric times, in any case, they were much smaller than they are now. These predators are settled mainly in warm places: they are an African animal, one of the most widespread, and live jackals in the arid lands of Asia and in the Middle East. It adapts to the conditions and this little wolf survives much better than all its wonderful relatives. Why are there: he could envy the ability to survive and the crows with rats. The jackal does not kill even the tropical heat of the Sahara desert. Continue reading

Honey badger

This is an extremely aggressive and fearless animal. It is even smaller than the wolverine, it looks like a little badger. In the film (zoology has nothing to do with it, the film is artistic) “Probably the gods are crazy – 2” a significant part of the narration is devoted to the honey badger, and the character of this little predator is especially well shown. The protagonist accidentally pushed the animal with a shoe, and the honey badger became furious. I grabbed a dead grip and it was impossible to get rid of him. So the hero dragged him for many, many days in the desert. This dangerous animal did not let go of the shoe, even fainting from hunger and dehydration, and when it was possible to tear it off and go forward, the honey badger still got up and, stumbling and falling, ran after the hero. Continue reading

Nomadic wolverine

Wolverine, of course, is larger than sable. She weighs ten pounds, sometimes even fifteen or eighteen, and the length of her body is almost a meter. But what is this weight and what is this size compared to a bear! However, the wolverine is a dangerous animal: the same bear is afraid to cross the road, and gives away its prey almost implicitly, leaving the enemy’s bridgehead without a fight. Externally, wolverine is like a badger and even a little bit like the bear itself – only a small one. This animal does not differ by special grace in movements, grace and flexibility. She does not look like the rest of the martens of her family at all, so almost all of them are beauties. Continue reading