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Honey badger
This is an extremely aggressive and fearless animal. It is even smaller than the wolverine, it looks like a little badger. In the film (zoology has nothing to do with…

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What is the advantage of small dogs
People who decide to have a four-friend, often leaning toward small decorative dogs. Yes, this is understandable, because to keep a large dog in the conditions of a city apartment,…

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How to choose clothes for dogs?
Pets play a very important role in the life of mankind! Without cats and dogs, it is simply not realistic to imagine our everyday life in everyday life, because people…


Do two cats get along in the same house?
This question is, in fact, difficult. After all, everything depends, first of all, on the specific circumstances. Suppose a family has an adult cat. And this family wants to have…

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Wolves and dogs: degree of kinship between wild and domestic animals

Practically any person will answer where the man’s best friends came from – dogs. These pets certainly descended from the wolf, but at what point was their life course divided and priorities changed? Zoologists and cynologists are more than confident that the characteristics of an animal as a result of artificial selection can change extremely quickly and beyond recognition – by instinct, by character, by exterior. External signs for zoologists mean, for example, a lot – and color, and the length of the muzzle, and the location of the ears, and the shape of the eyes. Breeds of animals – both wild and domestic – are extremely diverse, and therefore the search for canine ancestors without the latest research methods would be futile. Continue reading

The red wolf is an endangered animal

This species is included in the Red Book of Animals of the World by the International Union for the Protection of Animals. The red wolf lives on the territory of Russia, where the population is also endangered. Only in India is allowed to hunt for this wild animal, but strictly under licenses. Another name for this wolf is mountain. Not only goats are mountainous, but also wolves that hunt them successfully. Even the color of his coat to match the rocks. The wolves move on almost sheer planes with amazing courage and very cleverly. The place where these animals live is mostly mountainous forests of South and Central Asia. Continue reading

Raccoon-poloskun: cheerful clean

Rings on the tail
We often hear, especially from hunters, that raccoons live in our forests. However, with the same success it can be said that lions or tigers live in Central Russia. Because the animal from our forests is not a raccoon, but a raccoon dog, which was once imported from the Far East. There is a definite similarity, but, as they say, “a pig looks like a hedgehog, only the wool is not like that”! A real raccoon is the same relative to a dog, like a cat, that is, in general, no. Consequently, in the European part of Russia the raccoon is not fully inhabited, or rather, and not the raccoon at all, but the abbreviation: those who were too lazy to move their tongues, pronouncing the raccoon dog, reduced it to the first four letters. And she went to write the province, and still writes! Continue reading

Chameleons: camouflage virtuosos

But what kind of animal is it, with which most people are familiar only by hearsay, and not vividly, and about which three things are widely known: it can change the skin color, rotates the eyes in different directions, independently of one another, and shoots the tongue neatly?
The main answer to this question is this: no matter how surprised a human chameleon is, its quality is a consequence of a specialized lifestyle, and the overwhelming number of eight dozen species of chameleons lead a strictly woody life, in the extreme case, a shrub. Only a few permanently live in earthen holes or live among the fallen leaves on the ground. There are cases of finding chameleons even in ant nests, where they penetrate through the wide passages of insects. Continue reading