What is the advantage of small dogs
People who decide to have a four-friend, often leaning toward small decorative dogs. Yes, this is understandable, because to keep a large dog in the conditions of a city apartment,…

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Sphynx cat: care and features of the breed
Among the lovers of the unique, unique and exotic there are those who love sphinx cats. What is surprising about this breed? Lack of wool. To us this wonder brought…

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Barely born, the hares, hastily licked by her mother, hurry quickly to her nipples. Having been fed and rested, they soon scatter to the sides and then two, three, even…


Dog training for childbirth
Calm, only calm. During pregnancy, the dog owner may be more worried than the bitch herself. During this period, you need to walk and play with the dog. Preparing for…

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Animal Travel

Many of us love traveling. Someone prefers foreign or long-distance travel by plane or train. Others weekly or all summer go to the cottage in their own car or train. And there are those who make distant races on their two-wheeled friend bicycle.
It is nice when you have the opportunity to take your four-legged Friend with you, wherever you are going. Our review of accessories for traveling with animals will help to correctly assemble a pet on the road.
Traveling with animals on the plane.
Before you take a dog or cat with you to the flight, you need to carefully study the rules of transporting animals in a particular airline. Continue reading

Cat in your house

Among our favorite pets, the cat is one of the main places. This is a doctor, a psychologist, a best friend, a guard, and a mouse exterminator. She is very attached to the person, but at the same time, she recognizes only one owner. It is to him that the animal fully trusts, and for care and good attitude towards himself, he is paid with affection, devotion and affection. Continue reading

Pets and baby

Growing up, our children will know the world. At the same time acquaintance with him can occur outside the walls of his home, which certainly worries parents. Here’s a little daughter trying to stroke a stray kitten, and her son stubbornly goes to running dogs around the house. We can tell the child as much as possible that this is dangerous, but the result will be the same. Continue reading

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Aquarium: care and maintenance for beginners
Keeping the fish in a clean and well-kept reservoir is the responsibility of everyone who wants to have floating pets. Improper care of the aquarium will lead to poor health…


The red wolf is an endangered animal
This species is included in the Red Book of Animals of the World by the International Union for the Protection of Animals. The red wolf lives on the territory of…