Recommendations for beginner breeders
Many, acquiring a puppy, even have no idea what enormous difficulties they will have to face. At the same time, future dog owners are confident that their pet will be…

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Nomadic wolverine
Wolverine, of course, is larger than sable. She weighs ten pounds, sometimes even fifteen or eighteen, and the length of her body is almost a meter. But what is this…

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Wolves and dogs: degree of kinship between wild and domestic animals
Practically any person will answer where the man’s best friends came from - dogs. These pets certainly descended from the wolf, but at what point was their life course divided…


10 interesting facts about turtles
1. Turtles - the oldest of the modern reptiles. It is believed that they originated directly from the ancestors of all reptiles, cotilosaurs, almost 300 million years ago. Found a…

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Animal Travel

Many of us love traveling. Someone prefers foreign or long-distance travel by plane or train. Others weekly or all summer go to the cottage in their own car or train. And there are those who make distant races on their two-wheeled friend bicycle.
It is nice when you have the opportunity to take your four-legged Friend with you, wherever you are going. Our review of accessories for traveling with animals will help to correctly assemble a pet on the road.
Traveling with animals on the plane.
Before you take a dog or cat with you to the flight, you need to carefully study the rules of transporting animals in a particular airline. Continue reading

Cat in your house

Among our favorite pets, the cat is one of the main places. This is a doctor, a psychologist, a best friend, a guard, and a mouse exterminator. She is very attached to the person, but at the same time, she recognizes only one owner. It is to him that the animal fully trusts, and for care and good attitude towards himself, he is paid with affection, devotion and affection. Continue reading

Pets and baby

Growing up, our children will know the world. At the same time acquaintance with him can occur outside the walls of his home, which certainly worries parents. Here’s a little daughter trying to stroke a stray kitten, and her son stubbornly goes to running dogs around the house. We can tell the child as much as possible that this is dangerous, but the result will be the same. Continue reading

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Achatina snail
In domestic terrariums, humans contain turtles, lizards, newts, insects. Watching them is very interesting, especially after a busy day of work. Fatigue and nervous tension accumulated over the day, as…


How to ensure the safety of the animal in the apartment?
In the apartment, everything seems so familiar and safe, but not for a kitten or a puppy, who are just beginning to learn this world. Their irrepressible curiosity and our…