How to choose clothes for dogs?
Pets play a very important role in the life of mankind! Without cats and dogs, it is simply not realistic to imagine our everyday life in everyday life, because people…

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We get a parrot at home
Before you start a parrot at home, you need to decide what you need a bird for. Some buy birds for breeding, others because of the bright color and beautiful…

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How long does a cat move away from anesthesia after sterilization?
Sterilization is a rather complicated operation for a cat. Having made a decision on surgical intervention, the owner of a fluffy pet should be aware of the options for sterilization,…


Raccoon-poloskun: cheerful clean
Rings on the tail We often hear, especially from hunters, that raccoons live in our forests. However, with the same success it can be said that lions or tigers live…

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10 most intelligent animals of the planet

We all know that not only man is a rational being in this world. On earth there is a mass of animals that are not lagging behind people in mental development and ingenuity, and in some cases even surpass us. Consider the ten most intelligent animals in the world:
1. Monkey.
Primates, of course, occupy the first line of this hit parade. In particular, chimpanzees and also dwarf chimpanzees (bonobos). In chimpanzees and bonobos the brain volume is 300-400 cubic centimeters – the absolute value of this indicator is quite large, the relative (relative to body weight) – too. Continue reading